Sl Name of the Faculty Designation Dept Date of Joining  Qualification BPUT Regd. No
2 DR. TUSAR  PARIDA ASST.PROF. SC & HU 02.01.2002 Ph.D T081221901
3 MR. ARUN KUMAR PARIJA ASST.PROF-ENG SC & HU 16.08.2007 PG T081321901
4 DR. DEBASMITA SAMAL ASST PROF. SC & HU 16.10.2006 Ph.D T081221905
5 MR. HARAPRASAD  SAHOO SR.ASST.PROF. SC & HU 01.10.2005 PG T081221903
9 MRS. BITHIKA PANDA ASST.PROF.-ENG SC & HU 01.12.2013 PG T141321901
10 MRS. ANITA ROUTRAY ASST.PROF.-CHEM SC & HU 21.07.2008 PG T081121902
12 MRS. NITASHA SAHOO ASST.PROF.-ENG SC & HU 03.08.2009 PG T111321901
13 MRS. SMITA PATTNAIK ASST.PROF. SC & HU 27.07.2010 PG T121221901
14 MRS. DHARITRI ROUTRAY ASST.PROF. SC & HU 01.12.2013 PG T161221901
15 DR. IPSITA MISHRA ASST.PROF.-ENVIRON. SC SC & HU 17.05.2011 Ph.D T111321902
The Department of Science Humanities is having following well-equipped laboratories.

1. Physics Laboratory
2. Chemistry Laboratory
3. Business Communication Laboratory
4. CISCR Laboratory

Communication Laboratory
A seminar is a kind of intellectual interactions among the scholars of related fields of studies or a kind of group teaching which usually enables the audience to gain maximum knowledge. Seminars are basically arranged to discuss current issues and problems or to share ideas. In a seminar a speaker presents a theme or a set of papers which is discussed by all those who participate. This in turn leads to a more proactive, interesting session in which both the audience and the tutor have a learning experience. Keeping this as one of the pedagogical objectives, the Department of Science & Humanities, CEB organizes departmental seminars and workshops at intervals during each academic session.

YEAR Academic activities conducted by Dept.of  Math NAME OF THE TOPIC
2010-11 Seminar National Seminar on Pure and Applied Mathematics 
2011-12 Workshop Workshops on Fluid Dynamics
2012-13 Seminar National Seminar on “MATHEMATICS & ITS APPLICATIONS”
YEAR Academic activities conducted by Dept.of Chemistry NAME OF THE TOPIC
2011-12 Workshop Ceramic materials and its use in the modern era.
2012-13 Seminar Nutrients and heavy metal dynamics of the waters of chilika lagoon, East coast of India.
2013-14 Workshop Use of pesticides in agriculture and its effect on human being.
YEAR Academic activities conducted by Dept.of Physics NAME OF THE TOPIC
2011-12 Workshop Workshop on “Multifunctional materials” (WMFM)
2012-13 Seminar National seminar on “Green Nanotechnology”
2013-14 Seminar National seminar on “Spintronics”
Year Seminar workshop Guest Lecture Date/Month Topic  No. of participants
        Seminar-1:-18/9/2010(Sat Day)& -English Communication skills  
2010-11 2 ------- Nil Seminar-2: 15.12011(Sat Day)   30
          Business Communication Strategies  
        16.4 2011& 17.4.2011 -English Communication Skills & Soft Skills  
  ------ 1(One) ---------     35
        Sminar-1: 17/09/2011(Sat Day) -Workplace Attitude Development - 20 faculty+ 75 students
2011-12 2(Two) --------- NIL   -Cultural Dynamism and Personality Traits  
            - 45 Faculty & Students
        Seminar2:21.1.2012(Saturday) Corporate Communication Skills  
      -------- Workshop:    
  --------- 1(One)   14.4.2012 & 15.4.2012    
2012-13 2 NIL 2 Seminar-1:-08/9/2012(Sat Day)&Seminar-2: 18.05. 2013(Sat Day) -Leadership Skills: Developing Global Business Leaders  
  -LSRW Skills: 45
  Language Skills Through Literature  
  Communication Skills and Translation Studies 35
2013-14 1 1        
22/9/2011 Soft  Skills 45
16/2/2012 Cross Cultural Communication 15
2012-13   2   26/9/2012 Grammar Skills 23
13/1/2013 Teaching Phonetics 31

Dr. Namita Mahapatra

International Publications:

(i) Effect of Hall Current on MHD flow and exponentially accelerated porous flat plat with internal heat absorption / generation and mass transfer in AMSE , France 07 233 (26)2008

(ii) Effect of hall current and chemical reaction of MHD flow along a porous flat plate with internal heat absorption/generation in Ultra scientist of physical 24/2012

National level Publications:

(i) Effect of chemical Reaction on free convection flow through a porous medium bounded by a vertical surface. in Journal of Engg. Physics & thermo physics Vol 3 Nov 2010

(ii)Unsteady free convection MHD flow & mass transfer through porous media of a 2nd order fluid between two heated plates with source & sink in National Academy of Science, India Vol 80 2010, Section of Physical Science

(iii) “Non-linear variation type in-equation on reflexive real Banach space in National Seminar, CEB, BBSR 27-28/09/2008

Dr. Tusar Parida

International Publications:

(i) Three dimensional free convective flow through porous medium in vertical channel with heat source and chemical reaction. In National academy of sciences, Hyderbad on 80/2012.

(ii) Effect of hall current and chemical reaction of MHD flow along a porous flat plate with internal heat absorption/generation. in Ultra scientist of physical science,Hyderbad on 24/2012.

(iii) Unsteady MHD. flow of a visco-elastic fluid along vertical porous surface with heat source and chemical reaction In IOSR Journal of engineering on 2/2012.

(iv) MHD flow with heat and mass transfer on a porous stretching wall embedded in porous medium with chemical reaction. ” in AMSE France, Accepted for publication.

Dr. Debasmita Samal

International Publications:

I) An Exponential Production- Inventory problem with Exponential demand, time dependent Deterioration rate with shortages. International Journal of Physical Sciences28-E/2009.

II) An Exponential Production- Inventory problem with Exponential demand, time dependent Deterioration rate with partial back-logging. Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences3/201.

III) A Production Lot-Size Inventory model for we bull deteriorating items with quadratic Demand, quadratic Production and shortages. International Journal of Computer Science and Communication 2010.

IV) An EOQ model for Inventory system Dependent upon on hand Inventory. Proceedings of International Conferences on challenges and application of Mathematics in Science 3/2010.

V) An Inventory Model for deteriorating items with on hand inventory Dependent Ramped type demand rate. International Journal of Information Technology and Knowledge Management 20/2008.

National level Publications:

a) “An Economic Production Lot-Size Inventory model for deteriorating items with Weibull Production and Weibull Demand rate”. Proceedings of International VISION. XXVI. No.3./2006.

b) “An Inventory Model with on hand inventory Dependent demand rate without shortages”, Journal of Indian Academy of Mathematics29/2.

Santosh ku Acharay


i) Variation of Water qualities of Chilika Lake, East coast of India . I.J.M.S Vol.33,2 Year 2004,pp-162-169.

ii) Spatial and Temporal distribution of Phytplankton and associated pigments of Chilika Lagoon. I.J.M.S Date-9-13, Dec-2004.

iii) Water and sediment quality of coastal Orissa and West Bengal. Coastal Environments and Management-2004 Date-24&25 April-2004.

iv) Study of water characteristics of Rushikulya Estuary. M.Phill Thesis.2000-2001.

v) Report on IRS P-4 OCM Data Utilization Work Plan and Coastal Processes-2001-2003. Report No-T/MM/447/Jan-2004.

Dr. Subhashree Mohanty

Number of papers published in peer reviewed journals(national / international):

i) “Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s Queen of Dreams (2004): A Magic Realist Study. MS ACADEMIC.vol 2, 2012.


Number of papers published in peer reviewed journals(national / international):

I ) Grammatik: “GRAMMAR TEACHING –A FUN”. E- Journal: CYLIBRATIONS published by INFOSYS, BBSR.vol-7(2).


International Journals:

i) Oxygen Vacancy Mediated Defect Process for Sharp High K Dielectric Anomaly in GdMnO3 Ceramics, Adv. Sci. Lett. 20, 2014, American journal of physics publication.

ii) Correlation between structural, electrical and magnetic properties of GdMnO3 bulk ceramics, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 339, 2013, Elesvier Publication.

iii) Effect of holmium substitution for the improvement of multiferroic properties of BiFeO3 ,Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 71, 2010. Elesvier Publication.

iv) Room temperature multiferroicity in Bi rich Fe deficient Gd doped Bi1.2Gd0.1Fe0.8O3 Journal of Alloys and Compound 509, 2011. Elsevier Publication.

National journal

I ) Mn doped ZnO: A diluted Magnetic Semiconductor, Bulletin of Orissa Physical Society, Vol.-XV, February 2008..

International/ National conference proceedings:

I) X-Ray Photoelectron Spectra of La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 Processed by EATPAH Technique, AIP proceedings of International Workshop on Mesoscopic, Nanoscopic and Macroscopic Materials, American journal of physics, 222- 229, 2008.

II) Ferroelectric studies on GdMnO3 bulk ceramics with the variation of sintering temperature. Indian Science Congress, 3rd - 7th January, 2013.

III) Enhanced Room temperature multiferroicity in Gd doped BFO, International seminar on Nanotechnology and Functional Materials, January 10-11, 2009 (Invited Talk).

Department of Environmental Engineering

National/ International

I) Pollutant soaking Plants: a bird’s eye view, Souvenir –national seminar on “industrialization induced environmental crisis and its cure” (nsiiecc-2010) published by –P.G.dept. of chemistry Berhampur university, Bhanjabihar,Berhampur,pin-760007,ganjam ,Odisha. Dec 28-29/2010.

II) Impact of aqueous leachate of acacia auriculaeformis l.phyllode on structural organization of chloroplasts in rice, Souvenir- UGC sponsored national seminar on frontiers in recent chemical research(international year of chemistry -2011) published by –p.g dept. of chemistry Berhampur university ,Bhanjabihar, Berhampur, pin 760007 , Ganjam ,odisha, Nov 26-27/2011.

III) Alleopathic impact of phyllode of acacia auriculaefirmis a.cunn on photosynthesis.

Apparatus of rice leaves during seedling growth. Asian journal of microbiology biotechnology and env iromental science.publisher- global science publication -23, maharshi dayananda nagar, Aligarh 20 2001, u.p.india. Issue no (4)/2012.

IV) Effects of bark leachat of acacia nilotica (l.) wild on structural & functional alteration of choloroplast in green gram (phaseolus vulgaris), Souvenir –national seminar sponsored by ugc on green chemistry: solution to environmental crisis. Published by –p.g dept. of chemistry berham pur university, bhanjabihar, berhampur, pin-760007, ganjam, odisha, Oct 13-14/2012.

V) Waste to energy Souvenir –national seminar sponsored by ugc on green chemistry: solution to environmental crisis. Published by –p.g dept. of chemistry berham pur university, bhanjabihar, berhampur, pin-760007, ganjam, Odissa oct-13-14/2012.

Ananta charan mishra
National and International

I ) ”Migration and Urbanization case study of slum Dwellers”,Odisha Economic Journal,2012.vol-44,No.1&2.

II) ”Socio-economic conditions of slum dwellers;-A study of Cuttack city”, International Journal for management research,vol-III/Issue-I/April 2013.
The Departmental Library of Science &Humanities plays a vital role in furthering the academic and research area of C.E.B, Bhubaneswar and facilitates creation and dissemination of knowledge. Besides holding an excellent print collection of over 120+ volumes of text and reference books, it also provides access to selected journals and online databases in Sciences, Humanities and management.
To lay strong foundation in the pursuit of scientific and technical careers of the budding engineers-in-the making on the threshold of the intersecting stages of untamable adolescent mind and the prelude stage of youthful vigor and growth.

To prepare and help the aspiring students imbibe the appropriate mindset in order to acquire the desired levels of scientific and technical knowledge & skill sets fused with good humane qualities like human skills/people skills for successful professional life .

To work as per the guidelines prescribed by the BPUT, Odisha.
To ensure that the course program objectives are regularly met through monitoring of learning outcomes.
To impart proper rudimentary science and humanities related education needed for various engineering academic disciplines to the students to acquire sound technical education fused with human excellence
To conduct seminars, extramural lectures and workshops on a few life and career building skills,
To promote human ethics and values by improving, inducing as well as retaining the eroding humane qualities in the students.