List of Projects carried out by the Students

Projects in the year 2018

  Project on Chakra Bhumi
  Project on Pneumatic Drilling Machine
  Stress Analysis of a tubular single lap joint subjected to torsional load and internal pressure
  Project on Injection Moulding
  Project on Automatic Pneumatic Drilling Machine.

Projects in the year 2017

  Project on Sterling Engine
  Stress Analysis in a Flanged Coupled pipes using Fluid Structure Interaction Computational Analysis
  Project on Simple Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System
  Design of Automatic Solar Tracking System
  Design and development of Mini Ice Plant
  Design of Pneumatic Exoskeleton

Projects in the year 2016

  Project on Solar Dryer
  Project on water chiller with organic filter
  Investigation on performance characteristics of C.I. engine using biogas and diesel in duel fuel mode
  Project on Mechanical heat pump
  Project on Zero Cost Refrigeration
  Project on Pneumatic Trainer
  Project on 3D printer
  Project on Solar based Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System